Fashion Designer Patricc Reed

Patricc Reed started making shirts in the military on a whim. Somehow, it became his passion and lifelong pursuit. With stops in Alabama, Tennessee, Orlando, and Los Angeles, he's somehow cobbled together several companies and continues to design and produce at a frenetic pace. His next goal? Making a difference in children's lives through his work. He sits down with Kurt to discuss his odd and unexpected journey that took him from the marines to serving bags of groceries to underprivileged kids. 


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Comic Book Creator Harold Sipe

Harold Sipe's creative journey started off at a young age with sculpting. Somehow, a turn of fateful events led him to digital media and app development. Along the way, his comic book interests grew into the formation of Screamland, a critically acclaimed comic book miniseries. Harold sits down with Kurt to discuss his creative path, the ups and downs of the comic book industry, and why the monster Frank hasn't left his thoughts just yet... 

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Actor AC Sanford

Imagine that in your first major acting role, you're cast as a historically important man whose murder leads to a riotous scenario which becomes the catalyst for change throughout the South. AC Sanford didn't have to imagine it, he did it. He sits down with Kurt to talk about that pivotal role, his upbringing in Orlando, his self-motivational ways, and how he remains level-headed in an industry that feeds fame addiction. Funny and insightful, AC shares his journey...

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Bassist Adam Fauth

Adam Fauth has trekked the country by following his musical instincts. He's played in a myriad of bands, and plugged in at some of the most hallowed and historic venues in Los Angeles. He sits down with Kurt to talk about the ways in which his creative aspirations have changed over time, how he decided on the bass in the first place, and why actually building an instrument from scratch has opened up his respect for musicians even more. 

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Co-Executive Producer Vijal Patel

Vijal Patel is a co-executive producer and writer for ABC's hit comedy black-ish. His journey to this point is fascinating – the family he grew up in, the profession he studied for, and a crazy change of plans when he took a chance on himself by turning down a job others would kill for so that he could pursue a career for which he had no formal training.

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Storyteller Daniel Rangel

Daniel Rangel was a young man studying theater in New York, dreaming of a life on the big screen. Fifteen years later, he's finally found peace and happiness with the family he's surrounded by. He sits down with Kurt to talk frankly about his lean years in Los Angeles, the reality of "making it", and why he returned to his hometown in Minnesota. Does he miss acting? And is he still creative? If so, how?

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Content Creator Trisha Hershberger

Trisha Hershberger, or 'ThatGrlTrish’ as her legions of fans know her, has been the staple of many geek's newsfeeds for some time. Whether hosting shows for SourceFed, recruiting followers for The Naked Army, or acting in little-known indie projects, Trish commands the spotlight. But what price comes with that spotlight? And how did a girl from little-town Pennsylvania find herself in Hollywood creating content? Kurt sits down to discuss all this plus why those Eagles from Lord of the Rings bother Kurt so much...

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Sitcom Writer Howie Kremer

In Howie Kremer's short time in Hollywood, he's survived the writing room at Community, written an episode of Trophy Wife, and created two award-winning web series. All this despite being a loyal St. Louis Cardinals fan. Listen in as Kurt interviews Howie about sleeping on couches, what to say in order to get a job as a writer's assistant, and why quitting his cushy job and moving out west with his girlfriend turned out to be the smartest gamble of his life. Listen in, because one day Howie will be running a network sitcom...

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Horror Host Dr. Gangrene

Larry Underwood has been nominated for an Emmy, won two Rondos, been drawn into THE Dick Tracy comic strip, appeared on Spike TV, and was written about in USA Today. And just this year, Larry was inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame, all from just getting an itch to honor his own childhood horror host Sir Cecil Creape and be creative himself. But more than just his alter-ego Dr. Gangrene, Larry showed his creativity from a young age, including starting his own independent comic book publishing company. He sits down with Kurt to discuss his journey, his feelings on horror hosting, and how this strange outlook came to be... You're never going to hear a nicer guy, we promise.

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Novelist Micah Moss

Micah Moss is the son of a dentist and the brother of a marine. So how did this Oregonian end up in Hollywood, getting an agent from a Pitch Fest, and ultimately starting work on young adult novels? It's not nearly as bizarre as it sounds, but certainly interesting. Micah and Kurt also talk losing a manager that believed in you, the combination of art with tech, and why Micah chose to write three screenplays first and then turn them into novels. Oh yeah, and early jobs at pizza parlors. 

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Film Writer Paul Conway

A devoted student of the seminary at age 13. A dedicated soldier on the brink of war by age 19. The victim of a robbery on his first night in Hollywood. How Paul Conway navigated those worlds and still broke free to write feature films is as interesting a creative journey as you'll find. He sits down with Kurt to talk about the art form that pulled him to California, how the least likely friendships can prove fortuitous, and what it's like to hear Robert De Niro and John Cusack speak your words.  

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TV Writer Devin Ordoyne

Devin Ordoyne sold his first animation pilot to MTV, then went on to write projects for FOX, LOGO, and other networks. He also met Kurt on this little cult film you may have heard of called Son of Ghostman, wherein he played the lead role and won universal acclaim on the internet. Devin sits down to talk to Kurt about how he got into the rooms, what you need to pitch successfully, and how he sees the balance of his acting and writing careers. 

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Actress Jessica Howell

Jessica Howell has been acting in various productions since she was a child. From Orlando, to New York, to LA, she continues to redefine her own creative being with each new project she tackles. This isn't just an actress, this is someone who creates from the ground up. She talks with Kurt about her various projects, her desire to learn more behind the camera, on-screen nudity, and why starring in a big studio film as a child can be a bit of an albatross. 

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Actor Noel Olken

Noel Olken has hitchhiked the roads of America, hung out on the streets of Paris, and driven strange people around Chicago. During that time, he's produced movies, created music, and mounted a one-man stage play. It's a life filled with determined and restless creative energy, all while the presence of a gambling-addicted father looms close by. Honest, introspective, and filled with common threads, Kurt and Noel discuss his life's creative journey and the balance of optimism and cynicism. 

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Music Composer Kurt Gellersted

Kurt Gellersted is a film composer with an eclectic set of skills. The diversity and scope of his musical contributions can be heard across a wide swath of entertainment outlets. Whether it be the theme song for the Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods", or any number of independent and mainstream movies, Kurt's work continues to leave a mark. Here he talks to the other Kurt about their shared past, his relationship with his late father, and being in NYC the day of 9/11. Plus, have you ever wanted to score for TV and film? Kurt gives straight advice and tells his own journey. 

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Improv Actor Alex Mashikian

Alex Mashikian spent 5 years ascending the famous Groundlings ladder. He discusses what that entailed, how he got there, and how his aspirations differ from tradition. Kurt and Alex also talk about Alex's Armenian heritage, how it ties into his current journey, and the community reaction to his touring show The Big Bad Armo Show. An excitable guy, a unique perspective, and an interesting future...

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Filmmaker Spencer Harris

Spencer Harris made a 12-minute Western Short Film. How did he go from a small Atlanta suburb to corralling mules on set in the middle of nowhere? He explains. Plus, how his father's defunct garage band from the 60s and love of spaghetti westerns connects to his own journey, and his advice for people truly wanting to get into filmmaking.

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Musician Aaron Niequist

Aaron Niequist plays his music for nearly 20,000 people every week. How did that happen? Aaron sits down to discuss his journey, his influences, and the pressures he does or doesn't feel when playing music for the masses. That, and how the faith part of the equation matches up with the creative part. Oh yeah, and  the record gets set straight on Pearl Jam vs Stone Temple Pilots.

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Broadway Performer Joe Abraham

How do you go from a small town with one blinking traffic light to taking solo bows on Broadway? Joe Abraham discusses this, getting told no multiple times in college, the day he got that Broadway call, and why he now lives in LA. Oh yeah, and he also worked with this guy named Clint Eastwood. Listen to Joe's story and hear why he and his wife don't believe in the term "starving artist".

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