Actor AC Sanford

Imagine that in your first major acting role, you're cast as a historically important man whose murder leads to a riotous scenario which becomes the catalyst for change throughout the South. AC Sanford didn't have to imagine it, he did it. He sits down with Kurt to talk about that pivotal role, his upbringing in Orlando, his self-motivational ways, and how he remains level-headed in an industry that feeds fame addiction. Funny and insightful, AC shares his journey...


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The University of Central Florida's Theater Program.

AC's first break was Blood Done Sign My Name. BUY THE BOOK. SEE THE MOVIE.

Just Another Day starred Wood Harris. 

Kurt's Flagship Podcast is STAY COOL GEEK

Music today was found at FREEMUSICARCHIVE.ORG

At the top of the podcast was Blank & Kytt with "RSPN"

At the end of the podcast was Yeyeh with "Ghost Suit"

Ghost Suit (Instrumental) (YEYEY) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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