Actress Jessica Howell

Jessica Howell has been acting in various productions since she was a child. From Orlando, to New York, to LA, she continues to redefine her own creative being with each new project she tackles. This isn't just an actress, this is someone who creates from the ground up. She talks with Kurt about her various projects, her desire to learn more behind the camera, on-screen nudity, and why starring in a big studio film as a child can be a bit of an albatross. 


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Jessica's website can be FOUND HERE.

Wanna see Jess in person performing? Jessica stars in RE-ANIMATOR THE MUSICAL and it's coming to LAS VEGAS. 

What exactly is UNKER & PHYSIA? 

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At the beginning of the podcast, it was Billy Murray with "Winter (August 1911)"

Winter (August 1911) (Billy Murray) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

At the end of the podcast, it was The OO-Ray with "Flurry"