Filmmaker Spencer Harris

Spencer Harris made a 12-minute Western Short Film. How did he go from a small Atlanta suburb to corralling mules on set in the middle of nowhere? He explains. Plus, how his father's defunct garage band from the 60s and love of spaghetti westerns connects to his own journey, and his advice for people truly wanting to get into filmmaking.


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Spencer graduated from New York Film Academy.

Spencer shot Greed at El Mirage Lake.

Greed was a featured selection of the Carmel Film Festival.

Spencer used to make movies with Lincoln Logs.

Spencer referenced another Bad Headshot interview, the one with Bryce Sorenson.

Music today was provided by FREEMUSICARCHIVE.

At the top of the podcast, we heard "Cantina Rag" by Jackson F. Smith.

At the end of the podcast, we heard "I Love My Man" by Dead Horse One.

Starring - Spencer Harris and Blake Graves Directed by - Scott Toler Collins Director of Photography - Sherri Kauk Music by - Amy Mullins

Part One of Spencer's newest work- The Warning