Improv Actor Alex Mashikian

Alex Mashikian spent 5 years ascending the famous Groundlings ladder. He discusses what that entailed, how he got there, and how his aspirations differ from tradition. Kurt and Alex also talk about Alex's Armenian heritage, how it ties into his current journey, and the community reaction to his touring show The Big Bad Armo Show. An excitable guy, a unique perspective, and an interesting future...


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The Groundlings is about as historic as you get. CHECK THEIR SITE OUT.

Watch Alex's actual final writing lab performance HERE.

Keep up to date with tickets and shows of The Big Bad Armo Show. 

Music today was provided by FREEMUSICARCHIVE.

At the top of the podcast was Scott Joplin with "Ragtime Dance"

At the end of the podcast, we heard The Agrarians with  "All My Revolutions"

All My Revolutions (The Agrarians) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
The American Guide to Armenian Traditional Dining for the Christmas Holidays. A vintage PSA brought to you by The Big Bad Armo Show. Written by: Lory Tatoulian. Starring: Lory Tatoulian, James Martin, Alex Kalognomos, Helen Kalognomos, Alex Mashikian, Nazo Kalloukian. Film: Armen Soudjian.

Alexander's Ska Band Gonzo gettin' hot and sweaty preforming Tequila Congo.