Photographer & Actor Bryce Sorensen

Bryce Sorenson is a creative young man learning a trade (photography) and a direction (acting), all while trying to balance passion with practicality. Kurt talks to Bryce about the John Carpenter classic Halloween, the beauty of Burning Man, and the cyclical nature of technology.  Listen in as Bryce recalls a life-changing moment and how it affected his own creative trajectory. 


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What exactly is Burning Man?

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The opening musical track was "Trees" and it was given to us personally to use by Kurt Gellersted & Brooke Fox.

Kurt's work can be found here- KURTGELLERSTED.COM

Brooke's work can be found here- BROOKEFOX.COM

The closing track was found on FREEMUSICARCHIVE.COM

That track is from Apache Tomcat, and it's called "Just Breath". 

Just Breath (Apache Tomcat) / CC BY-SA 4.0

This is the original trailer to John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN made in 1978. 

Bryce and his brother Connor looking over their latest collaboration. 

Bryce and his brother Connor looking over their latest collaboration.