Sound Designer Jeff Gardner

Jeff Gardner can be seen regularly at the historic LA Theater Works, where he performs live sound effects and foley with a rotating cast of talented & well-known actors. Jeff's talents reach far beyond just the sound scope though,  as he also created the award-winning one-man show Kill Your Television. A member of the prestigious Antaeus Company, Jeff talks about his career trajectory, being married to another creative person, and what it's like to work with Christopher Walken. Hint: It's hilarious.

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For more on LA Theater Works, GO HERE. 

The Antaeus Company regular puts on performances. VISIT THEM HERE. 

Jeff talks a lot about his marriage to DYLAN JONES. Her own Bad Headshots interview can be HEARD RIGHT HERE. 

Music today provided via under various Creative Commons Licensing Agreements.

At the beginning of the podcast, we heard Neuroleptic Trio with Neuroleptic Trio instrumental 5. 

Neuroleptic trio instrumental 5 (Neuroleptic Trio) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

At the end of the podcast, we heard Kevin MacLeod with AcidJazz.