TV Writer Devin Ordoyne

Devin Ordoyne sold his first animation pilot to MTV, then went on to write projects for FOX, LOGO, and other networks. He also met Kurt on this little cult film you may have heard of called Son of Ghostman, wherein he played the lead role and won universal acclaim on the internet. Devin sits down to talk to Kurt about how he got into the rooms, what you need to pitch successfully, and how he sees the balance of his acting and writing careers. 


Devin Ordoyne's IMDB page.

See a clip of Devin's MTV show BLACK WATER.

The Official Site of Son of Ghostman.

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At the top of the podcast was "Nobody Here But Charles Dickens" by Uncle Bibby.

Nobody Here But Us Charles Dickens! (UncleBibby) / CC BY 4.0

At the end of the podcast was Little Band of Sailors with "Scarecrow"