Visionary Kerry O'Quinn Part 2

Kerry O'Quinn has worked in nearly every capacity of the entertainment industry during his incredible and unique career – film, tv, conventions, musicals, soundtracks, and of course ... the magazine industry. Kerry created and founded Starlog magazine, along with a slew of other indelible classics like Fangoria. He has influenced and inspired thousands of creatives, all while consistently moving forward on his own projects.

In part 2 of Kurt's interview, Kerry discusses his own historic interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas, producing Star Trek and Star Wars conventions, and how he ended up directing Rod Serling in a commercial. Kerry also reveals what caused him to leave Starlog and Fangoria, and opens up about some very personal challenges. Despite those speed bumps , Kerry continues to write today and pursue his various creative endeavors at a pace few can compare to. Hear all about those projects and more on this incredibly inspiring edition of Bad Headshots.


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Kerry's zombie horror feature Dragworms is in pre-production now, read about it HERE!

Kerry brings George Lucas to the 10th anniversary Star Wars convention, and special surprise guest Gene Roddenberry joins George on stage.

Kerry directs Twilight Zone icon Rod Serling in this artistic mental health PSA.

All of today's music was personally given to us by the diverse and talented musicians  Kurt Gellersted and Brooke Fox!

Kurt's work can be found here- KURTGELLERSTED.COM

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On the show, we played the songs "Snakebite" & "Free".

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