Paperback Available. Forward Excerpt From a Dear Friend & Sci-Fi Icon.

I promise the constant blogging about my book will cease to exist soon, and a more normal sense of writing will return. But it's still been just over a week, and my head is exploding with the various responses I'm getting.

Although I was going to wait until December to publish a paperback version of my book, I have gone ahead and done so now, as many people requested it.

Below is the cover to the paperback, with a link to the purchase page for both the ebook and paperback version.

I just wanted to again extend my gratitude to those of you who have been supporting it. I genuinely appreciate each and every comment I've gotten. Some that stand out are words from Jeff, Aaron, the Nightwings, Ray, and even my old French tipster SUZ. Thank you.

The biggest set of thanks continues to be for my longtime friend Kerry O'Quinn, who wrote a beautiful forward to my book, and I am truly honored and humbled by the time he took. Kerry is an icon, both as founder of Fangoria and Starlog magazine, and as a friend to me. I'll never forget our recent Star Wars adventure together, and I only hope he'll know how much he means to me. Below, you can read his forward.

Thanks to everyone!

paperback cover
paperback cover



I was introduced to Kurt by my new roommate, Kerby Joe, soon after I moved to Hollywood from New York City. My immediate impression was that Kurt and I were total opposites, with almost nothing in common – about as different as two humans could be

He’s a good-looking young hunk, with a bodacious manner and a party-guy spirit. I’m none of the above.

But every time Kurt came over to our apartment, we both discovered interests we share. I started STARLOG magazine, the voice of science fiction for 35 years. I knew George Lucas and had many friends at Skywalker Ranch. Kurt was a major STAR WARS fan, who knew more facts and trivia details about that galaxy far, far away than I ever will.

I published another magazine called COMICS SCENE, but Kurt was far more savvy about superhero specifics than I was. We found heroes that we both admired in comics and movies. We were both launching careers in the entertainment field – with grand and distant dreams and ambitions.

Moreover, neither of us wears only one hat. We both enjoy developing a wide variety of abilities – never claiming to be the world’s best at any one, but ever relishing the development of creative skills in many arenas.

Over the next few years, Kurt wrote, produced, directed and acted in three films -- and I came to see the prime ingredient we both shared, as we tackled Hollywood. Kurt, unlike way too many talented young actors, didn’t just talk about what he wanted to do – he was doing it. My admiration for him grew into a feeling of brotherhood.

Oh, we also discovered that we are, indeed, brothers – lifetime members of Delta Upsilon fraternity, “Justice Our Foundation.” That Kurt asked me to write this Introduction to his first book, is a profound honor. I have come to see that very different humans can share very basic values. I have come to feel a kinship that I think many reading his words will also feel. He is a one-of-a-kind individual, without a carbon copy on this planet (ask an older friend what a carbon copy is). But there is also something universal about Kurt -- a bit of misfit-geek that all creative souls have.

Although he’s writing about his soul, and several ways it has manifested in his life, it’s important for you to know that the man whose soul is being revealed – is a man of action and accomplishment. His words are neither empty nor shallow. They are heartfelt, generated by introspection. Kurt is more self-aware, warts and all, than most.

I know you’ll enjoy his dramatic style and his revealing candor. The fact that he has produced yet another creative project, in yet another arena, should give you an inkling of the inspiration this book can potentially yield.

I'm delighted to introduce you to my amazing friend, with whom I share so many values. Keep your eyes on Kurt from here on. The guy is definitely worth watching, and this book isn't the last surprise you'll see from him.

Kerry O'Quinn Hollywood, 2011