The Satellites in Our Heads.

"I have this idea. It might be ridiculous." With those seemingly simple, yet slightly askew, words and the subsequent smirk that accompanied them, the journey had begun.

Perhaps the word journey isn't fair, as if that word alone could encapsulate what would (and has) transpired.

I've been stockpiling the wealth of emotions that are parading around my mind, fearful of relinquishing them at the wrong moment.

There is much to write. There is much to say.

But not yet.

All I can muster up at this point is that you need to know, it's not about a movie. Movies come and go, they're entertainment.

It's about something deeper. It's about who I am. It's about who they are. It's about us, and our passionate, unrelenting view in what life can be.

Life is not a routine. Life is not time spent on a spin cycle of monotony.

Life is about what you make of it.

And this is what we chose. Cynics, doubters, and cowards be damned.

Good, bad, brilliant, or disappointing... it matters not.

What matters is the statement it represents.

LIFE MOVES MOVES PRETTY FAST. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.