What is my book about? As told to me by a woman I have never made out with.

Writers generally don't enjoy discussing what their work is, or what it's about. We can write hundreds of pages, filled with broad and diverse themes that somehow weave effortlessly into one another with just the right blend of emotions. Or so we hope.

But encapsulating those pages into a succinct paragraph or sentence seems overwhelming.

Such is the case with every screenplay I've ever written, and it continues with my first book release now.

For starters, the people asking me this question are friends and family members. Getting them to understand why you wrote about certain aspects of your life often leaves them with a bizarre tilted dog-esque grimace. They don't really comprehend memoir writing, no matter how much you try and explain it. You can hand them a dozen memoir books from people they don't know, and somehow they'll grasp the reasoning behind those. But yours? Good luck. You can see the look in their eyes, the one that says, why would anyone care about your life?

It's a fair question, and one that any writer of this genre faces. But if you've done your job, then it will be validated in the response and the ways in which people relate.

At any rate, I knew I needed a longer description of what I wrote. I thought about the few people who have read it already, and suddenly the answer as to who I could have guest blog seemed obvious.


Sara Tomko, first and foremost, is an awesome actress. No, really. You know how you have those friends that are pretty good musicians, but not necessarily great? That's not Sara. She is great and she's really, really talented. I say this because I've seen it firsthand. She is, in every sense of the word, an artist. She can be tough. That's how true artists are. They see warranted flaws where others only seem too happy to pat someone on the back.

She also is unique to my life in that our friendship is totally different from any other friendship I have.

It's mostly because she's a girl. Of course, I mean that she is a woman.

I have other female friends, but not like Sara.

Let me make this clear, Sara is the only female I've casually had coffee with for two hours. Alone. Like, just us.

And even afterward, I felt okay. It wasn't weird. I still felt I could go out and slaughter a moose with my bear hands.

I've known Sara for roughly five years, an important fact in our history. You see, in a lot of ways, Sara is my first grown-up female friend. Well, I suppose I should be more clear. Of course I've had female friends before, they just happened to always be women I made out with at one time or another. Or wanted to make out with. Or was close friends with someone I wanted to make out with.

Sara doesn't fit into any of these categories, unless you count the fact that she's very, very close to this one woman I happen to make out with quite often. For those that need more direct commentary, I'm referring to my fiance, The Angel.

This basically means that the guy in my book is not someone Sara ever really knew. Therefore, it's safe to say all of what she read was foreign to her.

And so it goes that I thought she'd be a perfect person to tell you what my book is about, especially being a woman who might not like what she read inside. Remember, she only knew the committed man I am now. But now she knew how I got to that point.

Oh shit, I just realized with that sentence that I'm a Star Wars prequel. Is my book is like Attack of the Clones to those that only know me now, and not then... am I at least Revenge of the Sith? What if I'm The Phantom Menace??? Oh god, the horror! Oh hell, here's what Sara had to say, unedited below.

I wanted to be me. I wanted to be the me I always wanted to be. I wanted to give the love to Nicole that she deserved. I wanted to look in the mirror and not just be okay. I wanted to forgive myself, move on from the darkness and start living my life in a better frame of mind.” -From Finding the Super-Hero Within-

“The Meaning within Finding the Super-Hero Within”

Have you ever wanted to step outside yourself and see the story of your life as it was unfolding in front of you? Maybe if you could actually see it, touch it, you could find the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel? I have. I bet you have too. So when I read Finding the Super-Hero Within, I was instantly attracted to one man’s journey to be, well, an open book.

Kurt Larson, writer of Finding the Super-Hero Within, tells the story of his daily struggles to face the man in the mirror and, truly, believe in himself. An early thirties modern man who is still coping with “growing up”, Larson invites us into his charming, albeit dorky, mind as he faces his fears of commitment and success. From the word Go, his inner monologue is so humorous and personal that you can’t help but like this guy. You find yourself relating to his unconventional thoughts of good guys and action figures, Beatles and Baseball, girlfriends and Disneyland, brothers and sprite cans. You start remembering your own childhood, your own first love and your own bouts of depression, all the while taking this journey with Larson as he tries to piece together his own puzzle, the one we all seem to share but never quite finish, what IS the meaning of life?

Ah, yes, the meaning of life, the timeless question. Time and time again we have seen many movies and heard many stories told of the heroic journey to search for the “holy grail.” Some were epic and adventurous like Indiana Jones, some quiet and quirky like Juno. There’s the classics, ala It’s a Wonderful Life, and the favorites, ala Goonies (as you can tell, I’m much more of a movie go-er than a book reader). But I have had my fair share of great novels as well, The Alchemist, The Giver, Charlotte’s Web, As I Lay Dying, The Da Vinci Code, and The Secret Life of Bees, to name a few. All unique books that swing back around to that age-old question, what does it all really mean? So, what makes Finding the Super-Hero Within any different? What makes this story worth reading?

Well, for starters, as a woman, I’ve never heard a man speak so openly about his feelings and then, further, commit it to paper. It’s not even written in a mushy gushy way, it’s just straight forward, and, frankly, funny because it’s true. It’s also vulnerable, fragile at times, and women will love getting inside the mind of a man, even if he is a complete stranger, because they will feel one step closer to knowing that species they love to hate and hate to love. Secondly, in a way, Kurt Larson is every man, so, men, too, will enjoy this story because, let’s be honest, all men have a little geek inside…boys will be boys. But more importantly, Larson shares these feelings that are undoubtedly similar to those of other men and these same men will be comforted to know that in their deepest, darkest, even dorkiest hour, they are not alone. Thirdly, most epic “meaning of life” tales are somehow out of our realistic reach, placed in a land and time far, far away. Even the most modern-day versions, placed in “our own backyard,” are more often than not, told from a third party perspective, or, if told from the character’s point of view, are still completely fictional. Sure, you can relate on many levels to fictional books or you can read Auto-Biographies and relate to a real person’s perspective but that’s what makes Larson’s book so great! It’s the best parts of fiction and reality. You can laugh at the plotline and cry at the climax, you can cringe at the mistakes and even turn the page quickly to find out what happens next! And, still, you can walk away knowing that the life of another human being has just touched the life of your own. Fourth and finally, there’s something charming and creative about how he writes. Larson has this natural flow to his words, a kind of poetic wit, which makes you feel like you’re just sitting down talking to an old friend. It’s the way he writes that makes you want to read more. You laugh with him effortlessly and when he reveals his insecurities, you don’t judge him in the slightest, you’re just glad he told you.

I’m a big fan of this book. I loved every second of reading it and I loved, even more, knowing that this guy really does exist. If you have ever doubted your self-worth and wondered if anyone else felt the same, then read this book. If you have ever wanted to be the best you, you could be, and wondered if anyone else out there was fighting the same fight, then read this book. If you have ever feared committing to another human being or turning out just like your parents or not living up to your full potential, then read this book. If you have ever related to super heroes in any way shape or form and have ever wished to discover your own super human powers, then, by all means, read this book.

Sara Tomko Guyer

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