Music That Left Me Speechless.

I'm one of those secret hippies that truly thinks music has the ability to alter and shift our world. I'm fascinated by those that perform, and with their performances transcend social and political barriers.

Music can be spiritual. Sexual. Liberating. And inspiring.

It can come cloaked in a clenched fist, or through the simple howl of a soul-searching crooner.

I have many friends and colleagues that play music, and I'm often left impressed with their personal vision for what music is and how they fit into that equation.

But it takes something special for music to not just stir emotions, but to leave those feelings speechless with its power.

It has to be the magical combination of words, images, sound, and voices.

I'm sure so many of you have already seen this video, but I had not.

I literally thought it was one of the most moving pieces of footage I've ever seen.

It made me feel so much. But more than anything, it just reassessed my belief that no one out there is alone.

This is truly amazing.

And another...