Rondo Thank You!

Last night, while sitting around with some colleagues to discuss a new web sketch I'm directing, I received the news that my film Son of Ghostman had been voted Best Independent Film in this year's Rondo Hatton Awards. To say I was floored, thrilled, and shocked would be an understatement.

I knew we had some really dedicated fans, but I had no idea the reach stretched this far. I'm just beyond happy that this little film has touched so many people. You can't really explain what that means to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you to David Colton for organizing the Rondo Awards, a wonderful community and outlet for classic monster kids of all ages. You're an inspiration to so many, and we're all grateful for your work.

Congratulations to all the nominees, winners, and runners-up. We're honored to be in the same community as all of you, and I personally have had a blast checking out all the creative work being done out there. Even you Ken Marino! ;) Thanks to Ken for being a good sport about our fun little video.

Thank you to Dr. Gangrene, a Nashville Horror Host that was the first person who stepped into the public eye and said this film deserved your time. Without him, we may never get nominated for a Rondo, or even noticed by other horror hosts. Dr. Gangrene is a fantastic horror host, and an overall lovely individual. Please, CHECK OUT HIS WORK!

A special thanks to Harry Knowles, who I basically begged to watch our film. His simple tweets meant a great deal to me, as Aint It Cool News was a life preserver many years ago at college. Hey who knows... maybe there'll be a screening in Austin one day and I can shake your hand Harry. Yeah, I'm looking at you Fantastic Fest... ;) WORLD, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Ah, it's worth a shot...

What makes our film work is our actors, and nothing gives me more solace than the fact that they continue to be recognized over and over in reviews. Their work is inspiring, and their trust in me was perplexing but ultimately pushed me even farther than I thought I could go. I have so much love for you guys, and I only hope you will continue to get opportunities to show your abilities. You deserve it.

The music in our film has been getting some wonderful attention, and I hope people will continue to check out the diverse and eclectic talents that people like Dreamwave Dave and Adam Fauth possess. Moreover, the backbone of our music, and really the backbone of all my work comes from the nicest person I know, the insanely talented Kurt Gellersted. He's my Danny Elfman, and one day we're going to make something even more unique together. Well, at least I know he will. Thank you to all the musicians, and please listen to the soundtrack HERE if you haven't.

Thank you just doesn't seem adequate enough to describe my thoughts towards the other monster head of this project, Gabriel Guyer. I know film wasn't your muse, and yet you still went on the adventure. I know you're proud of what we did, and I know that many years from now, we'll still marvel at having done it. Son of Ghostman wouldn't be Son of Ghostman without your calming presence. And hey people, how about that SAD KING???? Thank you Professor X, I'll try and not destroy too many buildings before we meet again.

Three women who are the heart and the soul of this film- Sara Guyer, Heather Nassief, and my wife Nicole. I know the press often says it was a two-man crew, but without your love and support, there isn't even an idea. You gave us strength. You gave us laughter. And you gave us faith. We are indebted to you and your love. My wife allowed me to go on this ridiculous journey, and thinking about the kind of love that takes chokes me up. Thank you sweetie, I'm not one for public affection, but I love you with all my heart.

In closing, this film wouldn't have existed without the inspiration of horror hosts. I adore all of you guys and gals. What you do is unique, hilarious, and important. Never forget that. Never forget the people you touch. The people you make smile. And the joy you bring to thousands of people. Thank you to all of you, and especially MY horror host, the great Svengoolie! You meant so much to me when I was a kid, and I hope the film I made touched you. Thank you sir.

Thank you for all of the support. We made this film with no stars, no distribution deal, and nary a chance at making something good. With the help of all these people, we did. I'm so proud of the work and the people involved, and hope if you haven't already, you'll check out what pure heart and determination can do.

Thank you everyone... I'm sort of baffled. And humbled. But I know this, I'm not going to stop making films. And you've given me the strength to continue to pursue this insane adventure... thank you so, so much.

see you all up the road...


PS- Let's go Kevin Smith. We're waiting.