Lunch with the Justice League hits 10K views.

Lunch, with the Justice League, Kurt's newest short film, has now reached over 10, 500 views on Funny or Die. Starring Joe AbrahamTrisha Hershberger, and Marlon Correa, the parody-driven plot focuses on The Justice League and their infighting when it comes to lunch decisions.


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Kurt's Feature Film Debut, Son of Ghostman, wins CULT AWARD!

The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards has awarded Kurt a coveted Rondo for Best Independent Film!

His directorial debut, Son of Ghostman, won the cult classic trophy despite not actually being a horror film at all. Nevertheless, his tale of dueling suburban horror hosts struck a chord with the classic monster community, and they rewarded him nicely. Below is Kurt's acceptance speech.

For more on the Rondos, VISIT THEIR SITE.

And if you want to watch Son of Ghostman, simply GO HERE!