Son of Ghostman Chicago Screening with Q & A.

Son of Ghostman, Kurt's Rondo Award winning cult film about suburban horror hosts is coming to the suburbs of Chicago on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3RD! In fact, tickets are ON SALE right now for $10 bucks! Seriously, GO RIGHT HERE! In fact, you can help SUPPORT THIS EVENT even if you're not going. JUST CLICK HERE! 

Not only that, but Disney author and podcast host Bart Scott will be conducting a live podcast right after the film with Kurt! The podcast will be an Ears of Steel/Stay Cool, Geek hybrid production, and many topics are expected to be covered. 

The event will be taking place at the historic Crystal Lake Raue Center for the Performing Arts, and being that it's Kurt's hometown, quite the turnout is expected. So please, BUY A TICKET and come say hi to Kurt, Kelly, Bart, & the rest of the crew!